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Large wall Cross | Holy Land crucifix cross | Olive wood Catholic cross home décor | Christian religious gift

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Hand carved wall hanging crucifix from the Holy Land. These unique wall crosses are made by a Christian artists that reside in our hometown, The Holy Land. This wooden cross is carved out of the olive tree. The carving of the olive tree had been more of a tradition that passed down from generation to the next. Each and every cross is made with so much passion & emotions. All the intricate details show incredible talent and expertise that you simply cant find in any store...

This crucifix makes a perfect home wall décor that will hold such a beautiful meaning to every eye that lays its eye on it! You will feel the Holy Land presence in your home! Introduce a holy atmosphere into your home, office, or church by hanging this one of a kind cross. Please note each cross is unique and maybe different than the colors/grains shown in photos due to the natural variation grains found in the olive wood.

Our products are made from the branches of the olive tree that grows in the Holy Land, Bethlehem. The process of producing an olive wood craft requires labor intensity and consists of many stages. This process requires multiple craftsmen & It takes about six-step-process few days for a piece of olive wood to turn into a timeless piece of art. Olive wood is used because it is easy to carve. It is done accurately with simple hand tools and a limitless imagination. Depending on what the particular product is, the process could take up to 45 days. Most professional artisans go through six to seven years of training. Olive wood most outstanding characteristics is the diverse variety of natural color and tonal depth, due to the annual structure.

This cross makes the perfect gift for any/all religious occasions. Gift it as house warming gift for family or friends with new homes or offices, mothers day, fathers day, or Christmas! This particular cross has also been popular as a wedding gift! Please see our customers reviews that highly recommended this cross as part of their church ceremony! What a beautiful keepsake to hold on to from your wedding and display in your home as a united couple!

- The four glasses on each end of the cross are filled with:
Right glass filled with - Stones
Left glass filled with - Holy Land Incense
Top holds - Holy Land Flowers from Bethlehem
Bottom - Small bottles of Holy Water and Holy Oil from Jerusalem

Handmade with precision. This Jerusalem cross is carved out of the biblical, precious Olive Tree – this olive wood cross is made with a great deal of emotion and spiritual power. Intricately detailed with precise passion for our lord Jesus Christ. A striking carvings of Jesus is in the center of the cross, with incense, flowers, Holy Water, Holy Oil, and Leafs (found within Israel) are placed in the 4 corners of the cross. This cross can be hung in any room even office space, classrooms or even at church. The cross is engraved with with The fourteen Stations and ‘Jerusalem’ on the back of it as shown in the picture.

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Hebrews 6:10